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Nettoyant radiateur GS27 250 ml Expand
GS27 GS27

Radiator GS27 250 ml

Cleans cooling systems without dismantling,

It is compatible with all types of coolants

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Radiator cleaner:
GS27 cleans the inside of the cooling system quickly and easily, without disassembly.

Eliminates all impurities such as scale, rust, corrosion and deposits.
Harmless to metals and rubber.

GS27 is compatible with all cooling systems and miscible with any type of coolant. The operating mode is as follows:

Open the cooling system only when the engine is cold
Add Radiator Flush to the coolant via the expansion tank or radiator
Warm up the engine and turn on the heater
Let the engine cool down
Replace the coolant
The content (250 ml) is sufficient for a car's cooling system, for all other vehicles add 1 dose per 8 liters of coolant

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Guarantee1 year see CGV

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