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  • Polisher Express GS27 Classics 500ml

    The GS27 GS27 will allow you to easily clean and polish your vehicle . Finally a quick and efficient solution to clean your vehicle!

  • Universal Scratch Eraser in 150g tube

    Universal Scratch Eraser is a cream based on microscopic crystals, ideal for removing superficial scratches (scratches, scratches, etc.). Simple to use, the GS27 Classics® Universal Scratch Remover allows you to treat the damaged surface of your body yourself. these strong points: Eliminate Superficial Scratches Easy to use

  • Polisher Express Titanium 500ml in spray

    The fastest and most efficient solution for a clean and shiny car. Without rinsing and using a simple microfiber, the Polish Express Titanium GS27 Classics will clean and shine your vehicle instantly. Its formula enriched with Titanium will deposit a very resistant film for shine and long-lasting protection

  • Polishers Restorer Paints 500ml

    The Paint Renovator deeply deoxidizes the body of your vehicle, removing the dull veil accumulated over time, while restoring it to its original shine

  • Titanium Scratch Eraser in 150g tube

    The Titanium Scratch GS27 Classics is a cream based on microbeads and microscopic lamellar crystals, ideal for treating your superficial scratches (scratches, scratches, etc.). Its formula, enriched with Titanium, improves the effectiveness of the exfoliation, strengthens the protection of the treated parts and guarantees a shiny finish.

  • Box Polish Titanium + 500ml

    Lustreur Titanium + GS27 renovates and intensely shines the bodywork. Neutral, it is suitable for all vehicle colors

  • Deep Scratches Repairing Care Set

    GS27 ® Carats Deep GS27 Care eliminates small common scratches (scratches, superficial scratches, traces of branches, etc.). This product contains Nanocaps®, smoothing nanoparticles which will erase the scratch and nanometric tiles which will form a protective shield on the weakened area.

  • Polisher Titanium + Black Intense GS27

    Luster Titanium + Black Intense is a high protection tinting polisher based on Titanium. It leaves an antistatic and water-repellent protection which will limit the incrustation of dirt, guaranteeing a lasting result. It provides incomparable shine and restores intensity to black paints.

  • Titanium + Intense Red Polish Set

    Titanium + Intense Red Polisher Set The Titanium + Intense Red GS27 Classics is a high protection tinting polisher based on Titanium. 500 mL bottle

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