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  • Shampooing Autolustrant 500ml parfum Mandarine
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    Self-Shine Shampoo 535 ML Apple fragrance

    The Self-Shine Shampoo easily removes all the microparticles of grease and dirt encrusted on your vehicle. This product effectively cleans the “road film” which forms a dull and greasy veil on the bodywork and ensures a shiny finish to your car. Its apple scent makes it very pleasant to use. Cleanses and Shines and keeps an Intense Shine

    9,92 €
  • Shampooing Titanium® GS27 Classics® 500ml
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    Shampoo Titanium GS27 Classics 535ml

    Titanium® is a light and resistant component used in high-tech industry such as aeronautics. Titanium® Shampoo deeply cleans the bodywork eliminating dirt and the “road film” which causes greasy and dull haze on vehicles. The Titanium® microparticles bring shine and enhanced protection to your bodywork.

    8,28 €
  • Pompe pour savon Bardahl
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    Bardahl soap pump

    PVC pump for Bardahl soap compatible with 3L cans Fits on Bardahl soap pots referenced 4434 Soap available on our site

    19,08 €

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