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  • Liqui Moly epoxy glue

    Ideal for reclamation bonding and insulation in the automotive and automotive industry as well as for home use, DIY and gardening. Packaging: 25 ml

  • Liqui Moly adhesive spray for bodywork

    For bonding fabrics, foam rubber, leather and imitation leather, felt, cardboard, etc. between them or on rubber or metal. Also suitable for bonding polyethylene vapor barrier membranes inside vehicle doors. Packaging: 400 ml

  • Liquid Metal Molly Liquid

    For filling and smoothing cracks, drilling errors, sink holes and repairing pipes, tanks, threads, body parts and machines, or for bonding different materials, both to each other and to their composition. Packaging: 25 ml

  • Bi-component metal glue 25ml

    Two-component glue, Double liquid metal syringe Capacity 25ml Allows filling, gluing and filling the defects of all metals (engine block cracks, crankcase cover ... Fast curing

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