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  • Nettoyant jantes Liqui Moly Nettoyant jantes Liqui Moly
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    Nettoyant jantes Liqui Moly

    Liqui Moly rim cleaner changes colors when it comes into action, the more it colors the more it works! For gentle but thorough cleaning of aluminum and steel rims. Prevents new stubborn soiling. Regular maintenance of the rims gives them a nice glossy appearance and a long service life. The rims are like new. Easily removes brake lining residue and other...

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  • Nettoyant Goudron, Degoudronant 250ml
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    Tar Cleaner, Degoudronant 250ml

    The Tar Cleaner removes all tar, grease and grease stains from all vehicles. It can be used on any type of surface: plastics, chrome, paints.

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  • Nettoyant Jantes Gel Titanium 500ml
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    Rim Cleaner Gel Titanium 500ml

    the Gel Titanium® GS27 Classics® Rim Cleaner adheres completely to the rim and provides a thorough cleaning. It cleans brake dust and encrusted grease, provides an intense shine and leaves a protective film on your rims

    9,92 €
  • Le nettoyant Moteur GS27
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    Engine cleaner GS27 500ml

    The GS27 Engine Cleaner is a corrosion inhibitor, it cleans and degreases the engine and these compartments. It prevents oxidation points after washing and does not degrade the rubber of the hoses. This product is acid free and petroleum solvent free

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